• UPDATE: Site Moving in 2016...
  • In 2016, my portfolio will be moved to the new Adobe Portfolio site!  
    I am currently making several changes to the site that will directly and indirectly affect the look and appearance of my Behance ProSite.  However.... there will be new editions to the new site including a page showcasing the work I have done relating to Social Media and Writing.  
    Please be patient I will update everyone once the new site launches....  Thank you for understanding!
    Continue to enjoy my work here on my Behance ProSite, LinkedIn and Xing.  Again the announcement of the new link will come in 2016!!!!!
    Best Regards,
    Kenneth Shinabery
  • UPDATE: Site Move...
    The new portfolio has been launched!  Click on the following link to be relocated to the new site on Adobe Portfolio.